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HCA Certification

 Home Care Aide (HCA) Certification is a professional credential required of newly hired  workers who do not have another  credentials or meet specific exemptions

Steps toward your HCA Certification


Interview and client placement

Acceptance and walk-through required paperwork

Orientation, safety and introduction training

Start working and online training

Skills lab hand on training

Certification test

Nurse delegation and CPR

HCA Program Certification

Receive your HCA Certification

HCA Training Program

Home Care Aide (HCA) Training Program for  Qualified providers.

To Qualify for the Home Care Aide Training Program:

  • Have an open schedule – flexible for clients needs including afternoons, evenings and weekends.
  • Able and willing to work 5 days a week and a minimum of 20 hrs.
  • Be willing and able to do 75 hours of online training and Skills Lab
  • Have a clean criminal history
  • Have experience and heart to care for others
  • Have transportation

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FAQ for the Home Care Aide Training Program

75 Training hours are  required to take the home care aide certification exam. The following classes make up the 75 hours.

Orientation training: 2 hours of introductory information orienting new workers to the care setting and job.

Safety training: 3 hours of introductory information on safety practices.

70 hour basic training: 70 hours of training devoted to basic

These 70 hours must include:

 Core basic training – Training covering the basic skills and information needed to provide hands on personal care.

Population specific basic training – Training tailored to a specific group of clients and their unique care needs due to
their disease, condition and/or stage of life. Specialty training meets the population specific requirement when taken with Core Basic training.

What is the Training Required for a CNA?

You have to be oriented to your job, take specialty training if it is required where you work, and take 12 hours of CE each year by your birthday if it has been more
than one year since your initial credential date.

You DO NOT have to take the 75 hour basic training and home care aide certification requirements if you have an active credential.

Who is exempt from the 75 Hour Training
and Certified Home Care Aide requirement?

• RNs, LPNs, NACs, nurse technicians, or advanced
registered nurse practitioners.

• A person with special education training and endorsement
granted by the superintendent of public Instruction.

• A Long term care worker employed in Washington State:
o Between January 1, 2011 and January 6, 2012
who completed all basic training
requirements in effect as of the date of hire.
o By a community residential provider
(exempt until January 2016).

Modified Fundamentals of
Caregiving is no longer required of
RNs, LPNs or CNAs.

Other training may be required of
workers exempt from 75 hour
training and home care aide

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