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Community Support Solutions of Washington believes in the Care recipients right to receive considerate and respectful care in the home and their Community. We know that the security and comfort of the familiar surroundings contribute to the Care recipient’s and family’s emotional well-being.

Family Centered Care

As a Family-Centered Support Agency, Community Support Solutions serves Care recipients and family with our policies, practices, and systems that are family-centered by using the individual and developmental approach. We believe when working with children, parents are the experts in their child’s life. It is our job to work together in the best interest of the child and the family. Working with adults as Care recipients we practice person-centered planning while recognizing that some adults with disabilities experience challenges in understanding and communicating their preferences and needs, and in those circumstances while keeping the client’s choice in mind, we work with family members who often play a critical role in ensuring that those preferences are honored and needs are met.

Community Based Services

We recognize the importance of community-based services and are supportive of care recipients right to live meaningful lives in the community of their choice. All people should be able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities. We operate on the belief everyone is valued and essential in our communities and we all benefit from each other’s  gifts, experiences, and outlooks on life.

Support Services

With Support Services, many care recipients can live  and thrive in the communities of their choice by receiving support which means providing care for individuals who need  continuous care and supervision .

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As a Family Centered Care Agency we recognize that those who have access to Respite preserve their quality of life while establishing balance and enhance overall family life.

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Community Support Solutions support services is funded through Medicaid  and  Washington State.  Support services provides the highest quality of life possible in the Home and Community of the care recipient.

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What clients are saying ………….

Sean has always provided the support necessary to my provider and oversees the care needed for my son’s needs.

Family Member, Snohomish County

CSSOW has been our lifeline. They Care!

Family Member , King County

Thank you for all your help! You guys are truly amazing!

Parent, Snohomish County